Trevor Smith – Referee Kim Winslow has “no business in the sport”

Aaron Tru: Last night you had a controversial finish to your fight. Tell us what happened last night.

Trevor Smith: Yeah, I just got done watching the replay right now. It was just one of those things where a referee jumped in there and stopped the fight when she had no business getting involved in the fight. I was diving for a leg and ankle lock. He caught one of my kicks. And as I go for that ankle lock he struck me in the back of the head, a few landed on the side but, you know. The whole time I was defending myself intelligently while I was going for the leg and ankle lock and reversal when she stopped it.

AT: I don’t know if you had a chance to see King Mo’s fight or not, to see when she stood them up when King Mo was working and it was kind of a late stoppage. I don’t know if you’ve fought and had Kim referee for you before, but what is your opinion on Kim Winslow as a referee in MMA?

TS: She has no business in the sport. In regards to the King Mo fight, I watched that and Larkin took that damage because of because of my fight. She stopped it early. She felt silly because of the stoppage in my fight and that’s the reason she let the Larkin/Lawal fight go as long as it did. She felt silly for stopping my fight. So, you know some of that damage that Larkin took was just because she made a bad decision in my fight and tried to make up for it in that one by letting it go a little too long.


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