Anderson Silva injured? Dana White says “not true”

There is an unconfirmed report that Anderson Silva’s ability to fight Chael Sonnen at UFC 148 in Las Vegas on July 7 is not certain, due to a persistent knee problem.

Michael Bisping has a cartiledge issue in his knee, but can and will fight if asked, and is currently standing by.

According to this scenario, a final decision will be made by next Wed when the Primetime show is scheduled to begin filming.

“I know you are going to torcher me on this one. But you heard it here first…Anderson is out, Bisping is in vs Sonnen” – oracle4321 posted on the UG
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Michael Bisping, the man slated to replace Silva, responded to a fan question on twitter earlier today saying

“@Doghouse535 not long fighting chael for the belt soon! @sonnench @ufc @UFC_UK” – @bisping

We would like to stress that at this time the report has not been confirmed by anyone from the UFC or in the Silva camp and is no more than a rumour or maybe even a troll at this time.

UPDATE: Guerilla reporter @FrontRowBrian claims to have spoken to Chael Sonnen and posted his response to the story on twitter

“Talked to Chael P Sonnen. He is fighting Anderson Silva on July 7th as best as he knows. He’s been told AS pulling out is BS”

UPDATE: UFC President Dana White has posted on twitter claiming the injury rumour is “not true”


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