KSW 61 Results

KSW welcomed the fans back in Gdańsk for KSW 61. The 5000 in attendance were treated to a great night of fights. The opening ceremony was iconic and was a real statement that KSW as we know and love it is back. Below is a recap on the festivities.

Adam Niedźwiedź def Jakub Kamieniarz via Submission (2nd Round Head & Arm Triangle)

Kamieniarz scored a big knockdown early in the first and almost finished it. Niedźwiedź got a sweep into top position and almost finished a head and arm choke there. He landed a takedown instantly in round 2, worked for the submission and got it late in the round with another head and arm triangle. That’s his first win in KSW.


Damian Stasiak def Andrey Lezhnev via Submission (2nd Round Triangle Choke)

Lezhnev will want this one back. He put Stasiak on his back with a big right and made a fatal flaw, he followed him into his guard. From there, Stasiak locked in a triangle and got the tap.


Ivan Erslan def Przemysław Mysiala via KO/TKO (1st Round Right Hand followed by Ground and Pound)

Erslan notches the tenth win of his career. He hurt Mysiala with an uppercut followed by a huge right hand. Mysiala hit the floor and Erslan followed him down and finished with brutal ground and pound.


Karolina Owczarz def Monika Kučinič via Unanimous Decision

Owczarz gets herself back in the win column with a great display. She had an experience advantage and used it to dominate the grappling exchanges. She finished strong in full mount, raining down punches until the final bell.

Roman Szymański def Donovan Desmae via Unanimous Decision

This was a fun fight. Desmae had most success in the first, outstriking Szymański. The tide turned in the second, Szymański imposed his game and was able to land takedowns and land real damage in the final two rounds. Big statement win from Szymański.

Patrik Kincl def Tomasz Romanowski via KO/TKO (2nd Round Ground and Pound)

Romanowski was very technical on the feet in round one, a very close round that could have gone either way. Kincl switched tactics in the second and got a takedown. From there he did work before eventually finishing with vicious ground and pound. He may have earned himself a title shot with that.


Darko Stošić def Michał Kita via KO/TKO (1st Round Right Hand followed by Ground and Pound)

Kita was winning this early. He was hurting Stošić on the feet and smelt a finish. Stošić changed it with a big right hand which put Kita on his back. He followed up with a couple of ground shots from hell which put Kita out. He called out HW champion Phil de Fries afterwards. It seems like the right fight to make.

Salahdine Parnasse def Filip Pejić via Submission (2nd Round Rear Naked Choke)

Tentative first round, both men felt each other out.  Pejić was slightly more aggressive. In the second, Pejić did ok early until Parnasse landed a takedown. From there, he took the back and slick as you like, securing a rear naked choke victory. As per his post-fight interview, the king is back.

Mariusz Pudzianowski def Łukasz Jurkowski via KO/TKO (Round 3 Punches from Crucifix Position)

What a spectacle this was. Two legends went to war. Pudzianowski had the better of his fight with his grappling. It looked like it was nearly over at the end of the second, but Jurkowski survived and came out for the third. He caught Pudzian with a spinning back kick which wobbled him. Soon after Pudzian secured the takedown and finished it off. Tonnes of heart from Juras. Applause for both men, proper legends.

Seán Denny is a Dublin man who writes mostly on the European scene, with a keen interest in the Irish, UK and Polish scenes in particular. Follow me on Twitter at @DennyRants.

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