KSW 66 Results

KSW 66 went down in the Polish seaside city of Szczecin on Saturday night. There was a stacked 10 fight card, 2 of which were for KSW international titles. The sold out crowd made their presence known as they cheered on several of their hometown fighters.

Patryk Surdyn beat David Martinik (Unanimous Decision)

Domination for Surdyn in this one. He controlled most of the fight and Martinik really struggled with Surdyn’s grappling.

Kacper Koziorzębski beat Hubert Szymajda (Unanimous Decision)

This was a fight with lots of action. Szymajda showed great toughness going the distance in this one. Koziorzębski had him hurt multiple times, with some particular savage body shots.

Gracjan Szadziński beat Francesco Moricca (RD2 – TKO – Punches)

It was classic Szadziński in this one. Roared on by the crowd, he was on the front foot early and beat the breaks of his opponent. Moricca was very tough and lasted longer than most would, but eventually succumbed to Szadziński’s right hand to knock him down and left hand to end it.

Donovan Desmae beat Łukasz Rajewski (RD2 – SUB – Armbar)

Desmae did well to knock Rajewski off his rhythm. Rajewski threatened with his signature technical kickboxing style. Desmae countered with his own, mixed with the clinch against the cage. The ending came with a Desmae takedown which led to a reverse triangle. Desmae then switched it to an armbar for the tap.

Wojciech Janusz beat Damian Skarżyński (RD1 – SUB – Rear Naked Choke)

A quick enough win for Janusz. He didn’t want to stand with TaeKwonDo player Skarżyński and landed a takedown early. From there he took the back and sunk in the choke.

Sebastian Rajewski beat Niklas Bäckström (Unanimous Decision)

Rajewski took this on the cards pretty easily. Bäckström could barely lay a hand on him. Rajewski’s technical display was enough to control the fight from start to finish.

Krystian Kaszubowski beat Robert Maciejowski (Unanimous Decision)

Kaszubowski picked up an injury in this one which spoiled the action a bit. He controlled the entire fight with his grappling, doing particular damage from top in the first along with a kimura attempt. With his movement being severely hampered through injury, he ground out the final two rounds.

Michał Materla beat Jason Radcliffe (RD1 – TKO – Punches)

The return of Materla got the loudest crowd pop of the night. The foundations of the Netto Arena were rocking as Materla landed a big counter shot which took out Radcliffe’s balance and sent him stumbling into the cage. From there “Cipao” finished with ground and pound and sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Ibragim Chuzhigaev beat Tomasz Narkun (Unanimous Decision)

This was a close 48-47 contest. The biggest moment of the fight was Chuzhigaev landing a spinning back fist which knocked Narkun down in the first. Narkun did have his moments, taking the back in the third and made Chuzhigaev defend the choke. In general, Chuzhigaev’s volume and early leg kicks helped slow down Narkun who was short on gas in the fifth. Chuzhigaev breaks the streak and is the new KSW Light Heavyweight Champion.

Marian Ziółkowski beat Borys Mańkowski (Unanimous Decision)

This was another close 48-47 contest. Ziółkowski played a beautiful technical striking game and doing the most damage on the feet. His best moment came 20 seconds from the end, knocking down Mańkowski with a nice counter. He didn’t have it all his own way, Mańkowski performed really well and was able to get the fight on his terms for decent chunks. He had spells where he got his wrestling going and made Ziółkowski defend a lot of takedowns. He had some success rushing him back to the fence and changing levels. Both very technical in their own way. I wouldn’t be upset to see Part 2 of this. Ziółkowski successfully defended his KSW Lightweight Championship for a second time.

KSW 67 will take place on February 26th in the capital city Warsaw at the Global Extra centre. This card will be headlined by dominant KSW Heavyweight Champion and Sunderland’s own Phil De Fries. He aims for his seventh title defence against the Serbian wrecking machine Darko Stošić. Also on the card is a huge fight between the 3rd and 4th ranked welterweights Andrzej Grzebyk and Adrian Bartosiński. Stay tuned to Severe MMA for updates.

Seán Denny is a Dublin man who writes mostly on the European scene, with a keen interest in the Irish, UK and Polish scenes in particular. Follow me on Twitter at @DennyRants.

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