Bas Rutten talks to us about drug testing

So after all the Overeem commotion yesterday, we contacted Alistair Overeem’s former friend, managment and trainer Bas Rutten for a comment about drug testing and we asked him…

“Why are piss tests being used when they are SO easy to cheat?”

Well it seems Bas agrees and would like to see blood testing instead of urine testing.

“I second that, do blood tests!” said Bas.


Passing a urine test isn’t as tough as you may think, there are loads of forums and websites (like this one) with details on how to easily test clean with very short notice.

Back in May 2011 a Reuters story actually made the charge here that “lawyers for mixed martial arts” (which we assume means UFC lawyers) had recently appeared in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission to “argue against beefing up anti-doping efforts with blood testing.”

“Not only are they not WADA Code compliant they have fought tooth and nail not to have any principles of the WADA Code …,” Tygart said. “Make no mistake, rules that apply to UFC in the states are horrific in comparison to the WADA Code.”

Reuters contacted UFC President Dana White for a comment

“What a lot of people don’t realize is we are regulated by the government, the government oversees what we do and the government comes in and drug tests these guys … If you get caught using steroids these days you seriously have to be a moron.”

Interesting choice of words there from the man in charge. You’re a moron if you get caught.

More on the Reuters story at Cagepotato


Back in November Paul Lazenby did an interview with Bas Rutten about Alistair Overeem’s recently split from Golden Glory.

When he told Martijn he didn’t want to pay the 10% trainer’s fee–and remember, Cor and Martijn SPLIT the 10%, so it’s not 20% in total–Martijn told him that he was there with him for TWELVE YEARS, and that they trained him for so long and went through the ups and downs, especially the downs. And on top of that, he said that he was Alistair’s friend this whole time, and made a big contribution to Alistair’s success. 

But Alistair said: “Yeah, if we have to talk about people who contributed to my success, then I also have to mention my cleaning lady who cleans my house for eleven and a half Euros an hour.”

More from that interview here

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