Strikeforce heavyweight division to end with Barnett vs Cormier

UFC President Dana White today announced that Strikeforce (who are owned by UFC owners Zuffa) are to dissolve their Heavyweight division

“We’ll be doing 6-8 events a year and we’ll be focusing on key weight-classes and the women’s division. We’ll focus on the weight divisions that are strong. The heavyweight division isn’t deep enough so we’ll do away with the Strikeforce heavyweight division. The women’s division is very popular and we’re gonna keep it.” said Dana White

However, before all this happens, there is a matter of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament final between Josh Barnett and Daniel Cormier

“From the Showtime perspective, it felt incomplete and we wanted to run this tournament to its conclusion and then put an exclamation point on it.” said Executive Vice President and General Manager of Showtime Sports Stephen Espinoza

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