Video – Jens Pulver suffers vicious knee knockout

Former UFC lightweight champ Jens Pulver suffered yet another loss. This time a brutal knee to the head finished him in the 2nd round.

Pulver has gone 3-3 in the small shows as of late after going 0-2 in his last UFC stint and 1-5 in WEC.

As Jens says on twitter (below) he knows he has nothing to prove but he “just enjoys it”. Maybe he’s enjoying it now but when is enough enough?

Pulver responds, via twitter

Sorry to all who support me, I half assed the training and got wrecked deservedly so.
Sorry to my team @TeamCurranMMA

@investigatormcL Why would you half ass the training?

never claimed to be perfect

@JLDavis170 r u alright?

Yeah i am good just got beat up is all i will live

@MMASun please retire… You’ve got nothing left to prove

I know i dont i just enjoy it.

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