Anthony Johnson was ill, UFC doctor gave him fluid before weigh-ins

Kevin Iole just provided an update on twitter saying.

Just spoke to @glennauthentic manager of @rumblejohnson Said Rumble got ill three hours before weigh-in and UFC doc gave him tons of fluid

UPDATE: MMAWeekly have also shed some light on the matter moments ago

According to Johnson’s manager Glenn Robinson of Authentic Sports Management, who spoke to on Friday, ‘Rumble’ woke up on Friday morning weighing 191.5lbs, only 5.5lbs away from the 186lb weight limit for middleweight.

With three hours to go until weigh-ins, Johnson was only a pound and a half away from making weight when his body started feeling off.

Robinson says that Johnson started feeling sick and unstable, and so the UFC doctors came in to check him out to see what exactly was going on.

The doctors gave Johnson fluids to see if it would improve his condition, and within a couple of hours, the Blackzilian fighter started to come back to life. Unfortunately, at this point it was too late to cut the weight back down to 186lbs.

“It was medical reasons, it wasn’t for lack of effort,” Robinson said. “The UFC was extremely supportive and said health comes first.”


Earlier UFC’s official twitter said

“Vitor has agreed to fight Rumble provided he doesn’t weigh more than 205 tomorrow. Again, Vitor (186 lbs) will get 20% of Johnson’s purse.”

But Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson has been fined 20 percent of his purse, which Belfort will recieve. As long as Johnson weighs 205lbs or less the fight will go ahead as planned

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