Dana White not happy with ESPN and Josh Gross’ piece on UFC fighter salaries

ESPN.com today published an article asking whether the UFC are paying their non-main event fighters enough? The article accepts that the superstars are well paid by the UFC but question the prelim fighter pay and they reference the fact that Luis Ramos only got paid $6,000 at UFC 141.

Bit of a strange reference to make when Luis Ramos didn’t even fight because the bout was cancelled only moments before the fight due to Matthew Riddle being ill and the UFC paid both fighters anyway

The article is co-written by former Sherdog writer Josh Gross, who Dana has had many run ins with in the past.  you can check out the article in his entirity here

The full video will air as part of Outside The Lines this Sunday but Dana White has announced that they recorded the full interview and will air it after ESPN release their piece.

UFC President Dana White took to Twitter and you and you check out his tweets here.


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