Miesha Tate vs Ronda Rousey is official, Tate not happy

Strikeforce have finally officially announced the highly anticipated 135lb title tilt between Ronda Rousey and champion Miesha Tate.

The announcement was made on Showtime during the Strikeforce: Rockhold vs Jardine broadcast but nobody was too suprised as many online news sources had touted the bout earlier this week.

Miesha voiced her displeasure at the bout alluding to the fact that Sarah Kaufman is 14-1 whereas Ronda Rousey is only 4-0. Sarah Kaufman has called the bout “pretty ridiculous” but many fans see Ronda as the new Gina Carano and as the new face of Women’s MMA, and it looks like Zuffa agrees.

Ronda Rousey won a Bronze medal in Women’s Judo at the 2008 Olympic games and has finished all her MMA opponents via armbar within the first minute. She is very young in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and will continue to improve between now and fight night. She has only just started Jiu Jitsu with Eddie Bravo at 10th Planet so it will be very interesting to see her grow in the sport.

The bout is rumoured to be penciled in for Columbus, Ohio but nothing is confirmed at this time.

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