UFC.com HACKED by “Underground Nazi H4ck3rGr0up”

UFC.com was hacked by the “Underground Nazi H4ck3rGr0up” on Sunday afternoon. The hackers change the UFC.com site to a big cartoon Adolf Hitler image.

At the time of writing, the hacker’s page is still up at UFC.com if you want to check it out.  If not then here is a screenshot.

It is believed that the hackers are reacting to the UFC publicly supporting SOPA and PIPA (which the government claim are anti-piracy bills).

UFC President Dana White brushed it off on twitter

@rickycollinsman I’m I’m the fight biz not the website biz!! Might be a big deal to other companies not mine.

@ShaunAldred exactly!!! Lol, I’m not fucking e bay. My website being down doesn’t mean shit. I’m watchin FOOTBALL today :)

@BobbyKorom I could give a flying rats ass about UFC. Com :)

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