Ratner: Zuffa discussing implementing random drug testing

On the subject of random drug testing Marc Ratner, Zuffa’s vice president for regulatory affairs said “We’re certainly talking about it,”

But this would most probably mean that a fighter could never even smoke Marijuana without risking their Zuffa career.

Who are Zuffa or any commission to tell fighters what to do and what not to do for fun in their time off.

They aren’t hurting anyone, they aren’t risking other fighters health or their own. I think this would be a big mistake.

I assume a lot of fighters in Medical Marijuana states in America have cards to legally buy marijuana for pain relief to name one medical benefit of Marijuana.

Luckily for the Diaz brothers and others, Marc Ratner reckons that we are “talking years” before random drug testing is in place.

“I think you’re talking years. I’m hoping that we can get a lot done in the next three to five years.” – said  Ratner

“Like I say, Sweden, they’ve already got it in place. They’re working with us very closely to reach out to other countries, but nothing happens overnight.”

Quotes from USAtoday

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