Anderson Silva “GSP is the best fight for me in this sport”

“GSP is the best fight (for me) in this sport,” Silva told ESPN LA 710AM. “It would be a great, great, great fight. He is a good guy. Maybe one day, this is a good fight.”

Anderson goes on to talk Jon Jones, and his team mates Lil Nog and Lyoto Machida. You can listen to the full interview at ESPN

“I saw the first time that Jon Jones fought. I talked to JJ for 3-4 days when we stayed together. I told him, ‘You’re the best, you focus on training, you have more and more fights a year, but you don’t have opening (opponents).’

“The fight between me and JJ is no good, he is a different [weight] class. In my camp we have Minotoro Noguiera and Lyoto Machida.”

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