Dan Henderson: ‘Rampage’ Jackson “showed up to get paid”

Former PRIDE Welterweight and Middleweight Champion Dan Henderson took to twitter during and after Rampage Jackson’s 30-27 decision loss to Ryan Bader. The first tweet was

“Good round for Bader. Rampage has never been the smartest fighter.” – @danhendo

Rampage Jackson has since responded to this comment from Dan Henderson, who he beat at UFC 75 in London to unify the UFC and PRIDE 205lb belts.

“I was smart enough 2 take your belt” – @Rampage4real

“Might be just me but rampages stomach is hanging out past his dicky do. Not really able to get aggressive.” – @danhendo

“Bader fought great. Nice job. Quinton looks like he just showed up to get paid.” – @danhendo

Rampage Jackson has yet to respond to any of Henderson’s other comments but Rampage is an emotional fighter and likely won’t take too kindly to these comments from Henderson, maybe Hendo is trying to engineer a rematch with Jackson.

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