Dana White confirmed for the Joe Rogan Experience to explain his stance on Internet piracy & more

Joe Rogan confirmed moments ago on his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ that UFC president Dana White will appear on the show soon to explain his stance on Internet piracy (SOPA,PIPA) chat about Mixed Martial Arts and more.

The official UFC website (UFC.com) was hacked earlier in the week and Dana has brushed it off, saying that he doesn’t care and he is not the internet guy and “not eBay”.

This will be Dana White’s first appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. The date has yet to be confirmed at this time.

The Joe Rogan Experience is still on at the time of posting. Guests are Eddie Bravo and Joey Diaz, click here to watch

Joe Rogan has had Mayhem Miller, Bas RuttenRonda Rousey* and other fighters on the podcast in the past. Eddie Bravo has also appeared on the show many times.

*Click fighters name to view the video.

Here is the video of Joe Rogan announcing that Dana will be on the podcast

 You can check out all the podcasts at JoeRogan.net

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