Joe Lauzon to Guillard “How do you lose 2 fights in the exact same way?”

“Whenever I see Melvin he is always super nice you know, before the fight and after the fight he is always ‘Hey how you doing?’ Always really friendly, but then in interviews I see ‘Well Joe didn’t beat me, I beat myself.’

“It’s like no, I slapped you in the face with my fist and then you went down and I choked you. I’m pretty sure I am taking credit for that.”

“I kind of feel we set the gameplan for beating Melvin. You come forward you don’t act scared of him and let him get off and he kind of falls apart a little bit. That’s exactly how Miller went. Our fights where almost identical… It’s like how do you lose two fights in the exact same way? What kind of progress or improvement did Melvin show since when I fought him?”

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