Cage Contender 12 Breakdown: Heelan vs Kavanagh

FEATHERWEIGHT: James “Sexual” Heelan (SBGi) vs Alan Kavanagh (Husaria)

Two up and coming Irish prospects will take to the cage on Saturday evening in Tallaght. James “Sexual” Heelan of SBGi takes on Alan Kavanagh of Team Husaria at Featherweight (145lbs/66kg) at Cage Contender XII.

James Heelan has fought for Cage Contender before, picking up a win against Ciaran Gavagan at Cage Contender 5 in July 2010. He also boasts the best nickname in Irish MMA, if not in all of MMA, James “Sexual” Heelan.

He faces what will probably be his toughest professional test to date in Team Husaria prospect Alan Kavanagh. Kavanagh last fought at Celtic Gladiator II in Portlaose against Barry Connolly, where he won a decision.

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