Shogun Rua: Rampage rematch will happen before either of us retire

“I guess it could be one of these guys. I don’t discard Ryan Bader nor Rampage, Dan Henderson, Rich Franklin… I guess there are many guys I could fight. Actually, soon I’ll know more about it and I’ll keep you posted. I’m sure I’ll train focused on my opponent and he’s going to be a hard one.”

“Absolutely. It was in Japan where I appeared to the world. I missed it there. I like the Japanese people, I really like Japan.”

“The fight against Rampage will happen eventually. It’s inevitable and UFC knows it. He won’t retire before fighting me and neither am I”

When asked about Rampage Jackson’s performance at UFC 144 against Ryan Bader, Shogun said

“It’s hard to tell because we don’t know what happens to each and every fighter. I don’t know if he got injured, if he was not feeling ok … It’s hard to know, but Rampage is very professional and deserves to be respected.”

“I want to fight at UFC Sao Paulo.”

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