TheUG “confirms” Condit vs Diaz II; Condit’s manager Malki Kawa denies the story

The Underground reported moments ago that Carlos Condit had accepted a rematch with Nick Diaz for the interim welterweight title, but Condit’s manager Malki Kawa took to twitter and denied being offered or accepting anything.

“Rumors about carlos and nick are not true. We haven’t been offered any fight nor accepted anything.” said Kawa

TheUG had reported that


Sources close to the deal just now confirmed with The Underground that Carlos Condit has accepted a rematch with Nick Diaz for the interim welterweight title.

Condit said ‘Yes, I accept the rematch’ and will be in Las Vegas on Thursday to finalize the deal with the UFC.


Is this a case of smoke without fire? Or maybe it is the case that Kawa has discussed it with the UFC but nothing has been offered yet. Malki Kawa may be telling the selective truth “We haven’t been offered any fight nor accepted anything.”

The fans had reacted with huge excitement and respect for Carlos Condit in the minutes before Kawa “debunked” the story, so maybe this will encourage Condit to take he fight and encourage Dana White and Joe Silva to make this fight that the fans clearly want to see again.

According to UFC fighter Kenny Florian, GSP is willing to give up his belt to fight Nick Diaz

@kennyflorian said that after 143, GSP told him he wants to fight Diaz so badly that he would be willing to give up his title. #ufctonight

Where is Nick Diaz in all of this? He said in the octagon after the decision that he had retired. Nobody seemed to believe him but has he had enough time to cool off? Well his manager and coach Cesar Gracie has also taken to twitter to say

Condit vs Diaz or Gsp will not happen this year. Being interviewed by Ariel Helwanie in 5 minutes. He will break the story.”

So could Nick Diaz vs GSP happen? Would Georges St. Pierre really vacate his belt to fight Nick Diaz?

Hopefully things will become much clearer after this interview with Ariel Helwani.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE – UFC president Dana White confirms Condit vs Diaz rematch

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