Vancouver commissioner says “No Disciplinary Sanction Warranted For Nick Diaz”

In a guest editorial on Bloodyelbow Commissioner Jonathan Tweedale of the Vancouver Athletic Commission revealed that there is no disciplinary sanction warranted for Nick Diaz under a principled interpretation Of NAC 467.850 after Diaz tested positive for marijuana after his bout with Condit at UFC 143


NAC 467.850(1) provides that the administration of or use of any prohibited substance “either before or during a contest or exhibition” is prohibited.

The obvious question is this: how long before is “before”, under NAC 467.850(1)? A day? A week?

Media commentators have correctly pointed out that the presence of metabolites in a sample taken on fight night is consistent with the last “administration of or use of” the prohibited substance having been many days if not weeks earlier.

Is the use of marijuana potentially weeks in advance of a fight a violation of NAC 467.850(1)?


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