Anderson Silva and Dana White talk teammates fighting each other

“(Laughter). It’s funny he should say that, right? He never asked me that question. If I did, I would ask if he would like to split the UFC with Lorenzo, each having their own event, fighting audience, sponsors and everything involving their business. They are friends, partners …

“What I think is that friends should not fight. Dana does not fight. He sells fights well, is a good promoter, but not a fighter. I have nothing against Dana, I love him, but he does not know what it is, and can not say that two friends have to face.

“We spend more time together than with our families. We divide the pains, frustrations, and because he wants to sell a fight, he thinks it will be okay and that the public will enjoy seeing two friends fighting? He wants to make a fight between two friends? This is impossible, only happens between people who are not real friends.

“In our team we have a philosophy that, even though both the same weight and same goal of being champions of the UFC, we know that will not happen. MMA is not a team sport. It is not natural for me to fight with a guy I live with every day. It is natural to him because he does not fight, never took a pinch.”

UFC President Dana White responded saying..

“This is not baseball or football. (Blackhouse is) not actually a team. They train together, spend time together, but they are not a team that plays together. I want Anderson to tell me if I’m wrong – he has the belt, fame, money, and that is why there are many guys who want to be Anderson Silva, including guys on his team and his friends. Many of his friends would love to have the belt and should try to fight him for it. If they have to fight, it does not mean cannot be friends. It’s business, is what they do for a living.”

“If the deal was that Lorenzo had the title and I would have to fight him, that is what would happen. It’s not personal, it’s just see who is the best. Imagine two famous Brazilian soccer teams like Flamengo and Corinthians. Imagine if they did not want to play against each other because they are friends, because they like each other. “We do not want to lose, we hurt their feelings.” Oh, Anderson, c’mon …

“Vitor used to train with (Anderson). Did you see what (Silva) did to his friend? I guarantee you that the guys that are his friends want to be like him. Your friends want your belt, and they won’t pay your bills when you’re done fighting.”

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