Dana White: Frankie Edgar will get title shot if he drops to 145lbs

“Absolutely, (Edgar) walks straight into a title shot,” White declared during Wednesday’s UFC on FX 2 press conference.

“If I’m going to deny him the rematch for the 155-pound title, and I’m going to make him move to 145 and say, ‘Yeah, you’re gonna have to fight a couple fights first to get the title.’ Does that sound right? No.”

“Sitting there that night, I thought Frankie Edgar won the fight. And then Lorenzo (Fertitta) flew back to Las Vegas. He texted me yesterday, said ‘I re-watched the fight,'” White revealed.

“Ben won.”

“That weight division is so stacked, and there’s so many guys in line.” he hesitantly explained. “I have a lot of different feelings about the rematch. First and foremost, I feel like Frankie Edgar absolutely deserves one, seeing as how every fight this guy’s fought, he’s given everybody else a rematch.

“Yet, I don’t want him to fight at 155-pounds. I want him to go to 145 and fight for that title. Plus if we do give him a rematch, it clogs up (the division). There’s other guys that are in line waiting. It’s a big mess.”

“This guy’s fighting with 155-pounders, guys that are cutting from 170-plus, and they’re always so much bigger than him. The guy has absolute wars and pulls out decisions that are so controversial every time,” White concluded.

“Take the whole fighting thing out of it, this guy belongs at 145-pounds. When you’re a professional fighter, you have a small window of opportunity as it is to compete and be a professional athlete. There’s only so many wars you have in you. You can’t have this long amazing career fighting wars all the time, so I don’t know. This whole thing is a nightmare and we’ll see what happens.”

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