Gilbert Melendez to face either BJ Penn or Anthony Pettis?

Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez may finally face some top UFC competition, with BJ Penn or Anthony Pettis leading the race to welcome Gilbert to the top level.

He has long been compared to the top 155lb talent in the UFC, with many people ranking him in their top 5 lightweights.

His manager and trainer Cesar Gracie posted on twitter minutes ago revealing that Gilbert will fight on May 19th. He went on to list Pettis and Penn as potential opponents.

“@ufc Gil is fighting May 19th. I hope Penn or Pettis” – @CesarGracieBJJ

Does this entail Melendez moving to the UFC, or his yet to be announced opponent, moving to Strikeforce?

It would be a hard sell for Dana White and the rest of the UFC to convince someone of the calibre of BJ Penn or Anthony Pettis to making the move across to Strikeforce, but stranger things have happened.


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