TUF Live Odds: Team Cruz’s Lawrence betting favourite over Cristiano Marcello

As we head into this Friday night’s highly anticipated bout between Team Cruz’s No. 1 pick Justin Lawrence against former Chute Boxe coach Cristiano Marcello, we take a look at the odds on the match up.

Lawrence currently sits as a -240 favorite while the come back on Marcello is +190.

According to Nick Kalikas from BetOnFighting.com, the odds are currently sitting at nearly 2 to 1 in favor of Team Black House’s Justin Lawrence, after his rousing knockout performance to kick off the show a couple of weeks back.

“I’m really glad the UFC has decided to start announcing the fight matchups at the end of each episode. The diehard MMA sports betters have been asking for betting lines on this season’s TUF-15 live weekly action, excited that we can deliver,” said Kalikas.

“My line for this weeks Episode-3 fight has been released to the sports books. In what should be one of the best match ups of the entire season, Justin Lawerence is entering as just over 2-1 Favorite over Cristiano Marcello. I’m expecting a back and fourth war that likely wont go to the cards. Cristiano Marcello is very talented fighter, with a definite edge in experience and a very dangerous submission game. Justin Lawrence has shown us all a glimpse of his incredible striking ability but make no mistake, he’s far more evolved then your typical striker. His overall skill set is the reason why I have him as the betting favorite heading in.”

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