Report – Brock Lesnar to fight in the UFC in 2012

Mike Sawyer, who co-hosts a radio show on wrestlingobserver is reporting that former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is planning to return to fight in the UFC this year.

“Had an interesting conversation with someone VERY close to all the Brock Lesnar stuff. He is fighting THIS YEAR in UFC & not Frank Mir…” Mike Sawyer said on Twitter

He went on to say “Plans change all the time, but the name I was told isn’t Roy.”

When pressed by guerilla journalist FrontRowBrian, Sawyer revealed Brock’s opponent would likely be Stefan Struve or Shane Carwin again.

“If it’s not Mir fighting Lesnar in UFC later this year as @TOUGHTALKMMA reports, who is it? @roynelsonmma? @stefanstruve? @ShaneCarwin II?”

“One of the above.” – Mike Sawyer

Would a fight with Stefan Struve really pull the big numbers to justify Lesnar’s pay?

“If I believed what I heard 100% I would have put it on my website. Everyone calm down. Good source, though. Lets see what happens.” – Sawyer

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