Cage Contender Awards 2013: Nominations and Event Details

The Cage Contender Awards in association with are coming to Dublin on the 19th January 2013. The event will be hosted by cage announcer Bret ‘Hollywood’ Freeman and will be take place in The Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Newlands Cross, Dublin.

This will be the first time that the Cage Contender Awards will be held in Dublin, having previously taken place in Belfast.

There are seven categories. Fight of the Year, Fighter of the Year, Amateur Fighter of the Year, Knockout of the Year, Submission of the Year, Personality of the Year and Team of the Year.

And the nominees are…

Fight of the Year

Conor Cooke v Ross Pointon (Cage Contender 15)
Owen Roddy v Shannon Gugerty (Cage Contender 14)
Dean Lister v Rodney Moore (Cage Contender 13)
Joe Colgan v James Heelan (Cage Contender 14)

Fighter of the Year:

Gunnar Nelson – Mjolnir
Paddy Holohan – SBGi
Owen Roddy – Primal MMA
Alan Philpott – Next Gen NI

Amateur Fighter of the Year:

Joe McColgan – Fight Academy Ireland
Connor White – Next Gen NI
James Heelan – SBGi
James McClarnon – PHK MMA

KO of the Year:

Conor Cooke v Ross Pointon (Cage Contender 15)
Arni Isaksson v Wayne Murrie (Cage Contender 15)
John Michael Sheil v Ross Pointon (Cage Contender 12)
Johnny Dargan v Keith Elliott (Cage Contender 14)

Submission of the Year:

Paddy Holohan v Artemij Sitenkov (Cage Contender 14)
Gunnar Nelson v Alexander Butenko (Cage Contender 12)
Alan Philoptt v Ricky Edgeworth (Cage Contender 15)
Stevie Kilfin v Luke O Neill (Cage Contender 15)

Cage Contender Personality of the Year:

Frasier Opie
Arni Isaksson
Rodney Moore
Paddy Holohan

Team of 2012:

Straight Blast Gym Ireland
Next Generation N.I
MMA Lucan

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