John Kavanagh: SBG is a PED free zone


John Kavanagh has spoken out about the UFC’s new drug testing policy.

On Wednesday the UFC announced a comprehensive new drug testing policy which will be handled by USADA (US Anti-Doping Agency) and John Kavanagh has welcomed the news.

Kavanagh spoke to and praised the UFC for their efforts to ensure a level playing field for all their athletes, especially as they not obliged to do so.

Kavanagh even went a step further when he said “I would like to see a mandatory test, taken weekly, to chart fighters’ testosterone levels throughout the year.” And he stressed the importance of the random elements of the testing to ensure that athletes cannot cycle their performance enhancing drugs to beat the tests.

Kavanagh also detailed his reaction should one of his own fighters ever fail a test, saying he would be “Absolutely devastated,” and also confirmed that any fighter to fail a test would be removed from his tutelage immediately.

He also took aim at certain members of the MMA media who have criticised the news on the grounds of UFC fighters not being employees of the UFC but rather “independent contractors”. Kavanagh highlighted the apparent hypocrisy in these comments seeing as the UFC has received widespread criticism in the past due to a perceived lack of testing.

Kavanagh finished up by discussing preparations for Cathal Pendred’s bout in Mexico next week against Augusto Montano at UFC 188. He made a prediction for the fight “I’m going with a nice guillotine finish mid-second round.” He said.

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