Aisling Daly defeats Ericka Almeida at UFC Dublin

aisling daly

For the first time ever, this Saturday night in Dublin’s Point Depot, a women’s UFC fight was on show in front of an Irish crowd as Brazilian Ericka Almeida ventured into the lion’s den to take on popular Irish veteran Aisling Daly.

After walking out to Zombie, Aisling Daly came out fighting in a similar fashion as she went head first at Almeida from moment one with hands flying. Almeida did well to quell the storm and get the clinch but Daly turned the position and controlled much of the long periods of action stuck to the cage throughout a largely uneventful round one. Late in the period Daly got a beautiful trip takedown and landed some nice ground and pound but it was too late to get the finish.

The second started exactly same as the first as Daly pressured her opponent from the clap before more grueling clinching. This time, though, Daly got the trip immediately and attacked with submissions as soon as they hit the floor. Almeida defended the arm triangle well but Daly was relentless and landed some huge shots. A triangle attempt from Almeida then turned the fight midway though the round as, although Daly escaped, the Brazilian ended up on top and eventually with her back. Almeida looked very calm once she was in control on the back and after looking for the rear naked choke she ran out of time with Daly not really in big trouble due to her defence.

Daly got huge ovation from the Irish crowd as she came out for the third and she answered in kind with three huge shots which Almeida replied to well. Again they clinched after that as Daly took the dominant position and got it to the floor. Daly landed some nice shots from top as she stood over Almeida and managed to hold her position for the for the rest of the round with Almeida not giving up the pass easily.

In the end it was an easy decision for the judges as Daly took it unanimously.


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