Neil Seery is confident Delos Reyes will Stand and Bang at UFC Dublin


Neil ‘2 Tap’ Seery was one of the names at the top of Irish MMA fans’ wish lists for October 24. Although his announcement on this year’s UFC Fight Night card might have come a bit later than the other Irish charges’, the Team Ryano man is set to face Jon Delos Reyes in his fifth UFC outing next Saturday in the 3 Arena.

The former Cage Warriors champion has previously revealed that he undergoes no dramatic weight cut before he competes, as is commonplace in MMA, but this time around the Dubliner might have to shed a few more pounds due to his new strength and conditioning regime.

“I’ve changed things around a bit this time around, I haven’t actually done strength and conditioning training in about three years,” said Seery. “All the lads in the gym started doing these classes – Patrick, Hughie and Andy – they all started doing some work in that area with Kevin, another lad who trains in the gym. He has a place down in Artane. I said I’d go down and give it a go twice a week, and I’m not messing with you, I feel fucking brilliant.

“Now, I’m a little bit heavier than I usually would be to tell you the truth, but I’ve never had to cut any real weight to make the flyweight limit in the past. One of the reasons why I stayed away from the weights in the past is because I do have a tendency to blow up with that kind of training. I walk around with big arms and big shoulders, that just happens every time I hit the weights.

“This is a different kind of weight training I’m doing, it doesn’t really entail any kind of big lifting. This kind of training is more cardio-based where you kind of end up killing yourself for twenty-odd minutes, but after that you’re done. On Friday, I went down and I did a little bit of squatting and then I did an 18-minute workout. I just kept going for those 18 minutes. I’m loving it to be honest.”

Vidoe – Neil Seery preparing for Phil Harris bout at last years UFC Dublin

The Irish flyweight is confident that his new strength and conditioning regime will be fruitful, as he is already noting improvements in his training.

“There have been improvements, yeah. Honestly, I’m in really good shape, but I am that little bit heavier than usual. I might have to do a bit more of a cut this time. I’m not really used to doing them and that’s why I stayed away from it, but I feel a lot better now to be honest. You’ll have to ask me how I feel about it next week, after the fight I suppose,” he laughed.

While his previous UFC opponents have looked to grapple with the Irishman due to his prowess in the striking department, Seery seems confident that Jon Delos Reyes will stand and trade with him. According to Seery, the Guamanian is quite similar to him in terms of his style.

“I watched his fight against Horiguchi and he was coming on to him, he wanted to exchange. Obviously he ended up getting caught, but I watched his first fight in UFC when he fought at bantamweight and even though he ended up getting armbarred, he did have the guy in trouble up until that point.

“He comes to fight, he comes to take your head off. He’s young, he’s exciting and I’m actually really looking forward to the fight, you know? People always talk about styles and what have you, but who would have ever thought that Louis Smolka would’ve come out and started looking for takedown after takedown? I certainly didn’t. He stood with his three opponents before that so I was expecting the same thing that night.

“He got caught with a right hand early on and he changed his game plan that night, which is good. It goes to show you that game plans work, I suppose. I think Delos Reyes is similar to myself to be honest with you. I don’t think he wants to be in there any longer than he has to be.”


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