Frankie Edgar says Lamas next makes most sense; not ruling out 135lb or 155lb bouts

Former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar says he’s not given up on conquering the featherweight division just yet, but remains open to potential bantamweight and lightweight bouts, if the opposition is right.

Speaking before Christmas on Talking Brawls podcast here on Severe MMA, the 145lb stand out spoke about a range of issues, including his next career move.

Edgar is coming off a decision victory over Jeremy Stephens at UFC 205 in New York and has now fought all top-five ranked fighter, except Ricardo Lamas, a fight he thinks makes sense.

“I’m not one really to call out names or anything like that. I fought everybody. I think the Lamas fight does make sense; he’s the highest ranked, assuming he’s free.”

Edgar lost for a second time to now featherweight champion Jose Aldo at UFC 200, last July, pushing him further back in the line for a potential rematch with the Brazilian.

“I still think I’m close to 45’. I believe I’m right there knocking on that door. Obviously, I got to see what happens with Max and Aldo.”

The Ricardo Almeida black belt didn’t rule out moving to bantamweight. He has spoken numerous times about wanting to challenge for the UFC title at Bantamweight:

“I won’t rule out 135 either, if it’s for a title.”

The New Jersey native also re-affirmed his desire to have Conor McGregor on his fight record before he retires. The fight was widely rumoured after McGregor defeated Aldo at UFC 194, but never materialized.

“That was a fight I was looking for a while, and it just didn’t happen. I had an opportunity this summer to be the interim champion and make that happen, but Aldo won it, and didn’t end up fighting Conor. If I won, maybe I could have, who knows?”

Edgar says he hopes it happens down the line and says he’d have no problem challenging McGregor at 155lbs.

“He’s the biggest name our sport has seen. He’s doing great things for the numbers of our sport and everything. He’s a guy I’d definitely like to have on my record before it’s all said and done.”

Edgar believes his all round game would cause McGregor more problems than anyone that has challenged the current lightweight Champion.

“I’m the match-up that would give Conor the most trouble out of most guys out there, right now. You know, you can’t sit in front of him; he’s a big long guy, he must hit hard, and I think he’s pretty precise with his shots. A guy who’s just going to stand in front of him is going to have a tough time with him, but I’m not that kind of fighter.

Edgar says he’s not sure who’s calling the shots in the UFC at the moment, but remains focused on getting back in the Octagon before no later than March.

“I don’t want to wait much further than March”

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