Felder and Diakiese hostility escalates; “You can’t say the things that were said and not have this fight happen”

Paul Felder and Marc Diakiese seem dead set on throwing down in the near future after both threw verbal tirades at one another after Diakiese’s victory at last weekend.

The war of words started after Felder called out the unbeaten British fighter directly after his 30-second KO victory over Teemu Packalen at UFC Fight Night 107 in London, last Saturday.

The American called out Diakiese whilst the ATT fighter was conducting a media scrum. “The Bonecrusher” immediately responded to the challenge, and obliged Felder’s request.

“Fuck him, I’ll fight him. He wants to fight me. I’ll fight him. Simple.”

The words spilled over on this week’s Talking Brawls when both fighters joined the show.

When asked if he was insulted by the Roufusport fighter calling him out, Diakiese revealed he was less than happy, demanding that other fighters must fear him.

“You can’t call me out. I’ve got to be feared. We will see, but I’ve definitely put him in my notebook. His name is written down now.“

The former BAMMA Lonsdale champion Diakiese went on to add some sarcastic remarks aimed at Felder, and said he isn’t scared of anyone in the lightweight division, and would welcome the challenge of “the Irish Dragon.”

“Is that the fucking Cowboy Cerrone wannabe? Not a problem, you know. I’m here to fight. I’m not scared of anybody, as I said. If the UFC thinks it’s the right match up, then I’m sure we’ll meet. There’s no problem my side. If he wants it, then let’s make it happen.”

Philadelphia’s Felder believes “the Bonecrusher” is disrespectful and needs to be brought down to earth.

“Not taking away from his talent, but he’s a cocky son of a bitch, and I hate when people are like that. I’m a life-long martial artist. I like to go out there and finish my opponent, like anybody else, but you don’t have to be an asshole to do it. So, I think there is certain people in this division who need to be put in their place, and I’d like to be the guy to do that.”

Both Felder and Diakiese agreed that UFC Fight Night Glasgow on 16th July 2017 would be the ideal event for the fight to go down.

Felder is also coming off a first round TKO finish at UFC Fight Night Halifax over Alessandro Ricci and believes there is no turning back from the call out and the Twitter insults that incurred.

“You got two bad ass strikers that are willing to throw down. I’m ready to go. He says he’s ready to go. He can talk all he wants. I get it, hype up the fight, talk shit about me, I don’t care. I’m going to get heated up and wait until July 16 to let out.

“It’s going to happen. There’s no turning back from this one. You can’t say the things that were said on there and not have this fight happen. If the UFC don’t make this happen, then they’re missing an opportunity.”

You can listen to full interview on this week’s Talking Brawls:

  • Marc Diakiese joins the show at approx 33 mins in
  • Paul Felder joins the show at approx 55 mins in
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