Parke says he’ll make Gamrot pay for biting him; says he’s a cheat and not a real champion

This week KSW confirmed a rematch between lightweight champion Mateusz Gamrot and Norman Parke in Dublin, October 22. The event will be the promotions debut in the Emerald Isle.

Two months ago Northern Ireland’s Norman Parke was considering retirement ahead of his first shot at the KSW lightweight champion Mateusz Gamrot at KSW Coliseum in Warsaw, Poland. Two months on, a loss on his record and a mark on his finger, thoughts ‘retiring’ couldn’t be further from his mind.

Parke came up short on the judge’s scorecard against current KSW lightweight champion, Mateusz Gamrot. Controversy marred the contest after a video appeared to show the champion bite the challenger’s finger. No points were deducted, nor was Gamrot disqualified. The champion went on to take a unanimous decision victory on the judge’s scorecard.

The Ballymena man is not forgetting the incident, and has promised to make Gamrot pay in the rematch. The Northern Irishman vented his fury towards Gamrot on this week’s Talking Brawls podcast.

“After the fight, he said I fish hooked him. That’s a load of bullshit. He’s a shit talking ****, he’s a shit talking ****. He’s not even a champion in my eyes. I think he’s fake, to be honest. He’s not even a real champion. So, I’ll make him pay for that when he comes back to fight me here.”

Parke says the incident has given him the motivation needed to take the belt from Gamrot.

“Deep down when he goes away at night time. He knows that he lost that fight. He thinks to himself, ‘I cheated. I had to bite him to get top position’. He knows this in his own mind. So, I’m already one up.”

The bout will be contested over five rounds, a new change the promotion have implemented since KSW 39. Parke believes this will work to his advantage because of his fighting style.

“I think I’ve got more capability to finish you by beating you over three or four rounds, and then finishing you in the fifth round. That’s my style.”

KSW 40 takes place in the Three Arena, Dublin, Oct. 22.

You can listen to the full interview below on this week’s Talking Brawls Podcast.


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Niall & Petesy review UFC 214, talk McGregor/Malignaggi sparring confrontation, KSW’s Dublin debut, preview UFC Mexico, answer your questions & more.


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