Alex Lohore: “Being a good kickboxer isn’t good enough to beat Alex Lohore”

Current BAMMA Welterweight champion Alex ‘DaKid’ Lohore has reignited the war of words with former kickboxing star and title challenger Richard Kiely, questioning the Dubliner’s MMA ability ahead of his premier title defence at BAMMA 32 on Friday 10th November in Dublin.

“Richard Kiely is a good kickboxer but being a good kickboxer isn’t good enough to beat Alex Lohore, the BAMMA world champion. If he thinks he has a striking advantage, I will simply take him down and beat him up, it’s simple MMA not kickboxing and there is nothing he will be able to do about it. ‘Dick’ Kiely is getting put away no doubt about it.”

With seven finishes in his last nine fights, French born Lohore is both an accomplished striker and dangerous grappler, with guillotine and rear naked choke victories on his much more experienced 13-1 record.

Lohore is also coming off arguably his most impressive stoppage to date in September when the Bobigny native scored a devastating knee finish over Nathan Jones to claim his BAMMA crown.

When questioned by Severe MMA about his future in the sport and with BAMMA, Lohore expects to put Kiely away early and expects to be in search of another contest in the near future.

”I am looking to stay active, expect me to be back in action sooner than you expect.”

During a recent interview with us his opponent Richard Kiely told how he believed he has ”the striking advantage”, “the grappling advantage” and “the higher fight IQ” something Alex is quite confident is not the case.

”Let him think and say what he wants, he will see on Friday November 10th why I am the BAMMA Welterweight champion.”

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