Sinead Kavanagh and Leah McCourt describe fight week vibe ahead of Bellator 275

Ahead of their highly anticipated fight at Bellator 275 in Dublin, it is all professional between Sinead Kavanagh and Leah McCourt. Both fighters are well acquainted having trained together and have come through both the amateur and pro ranks in Ireland.

Speaking at the media scrum ahead of their fight. McCourt explained how it’s all just business and they gave each other a hug when they saw each other.

“Yeah, I’ve seen Sinead, we’ve had a hug when we’ve seen each other and got on with it. Business is business, we’re both professionals. We’ve sparred, we’ve trained together and now we’re gonna fight. We’re so experienced in this, this is my fifteenth fight, she’s had so many fights as well, so it’s just business.”

When asked if she thought the fight was inevitable, McCourt explained that she didn’t believe so but was aware it could happen ever since they were amateurs.

“Not really to be honest, I didn’t think it needed to happen. I think there are a lot more girls in the division but when you look at it and I’ve had three fights in the last year, there’s not really. I actually started thinking about it more when she fought Cyborg because I truly believe Sinead could’ve done it, she could’ve landed that shot to win and I thought ‘oh if Sinead wins, how exciting would that be, fighting for the World title in Ireland. I think in the back of my head since amateur that it always could happen.”

Kavanagh explained she has been feeling good ahead of the fight, admitting the vibe has been different but is just ready to fight now.

“I’m feeling good, I’m ready for this, I’m ready to take my crown. The first day I saw her, I gave her a hug, but now I’m all business and I’m cold.”

“It is different, it has been different on my part anyway. I’ve seen her on Monday and gave her a hug like. I don’t know if she was a bit hesitant about the hug but I gave her a hug anyway. All that aside now, I’m just ready to fight, I want to get where I want to get, she wants to get where she wants to get.”

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