Brave CF Super Cup Schedule and Matchups Announced

See below the matches schedule for the opening quarterfinals of the MMA Super Cup taking place tomorrow in Manama as part of BRAVE International Fight Week.

The tournament will be available for subscribers to watch live at as eight nations teams battle it out to determine which is the greatest on 9, 10 and 12 March.

In order to progress to the next round each team must win 5 out of the 9 scheduled fights.



1          56,7kg F       

Oceania: Alisha Burtt vs Ireland: Eabha Cruise

2          61,2kg F         

Ireland: Kerry Ann Vernon (bye)

3          61,2 kg M      

Oceania: Coopar Smith vs Ireland: Jamie Abbott Bissett

4          65,8 kg M       

Oceania: Prashanth Guda vs Ireland: Jordan Bradshaw

5          70,3kg M     

Oceania: Kasib Murdoch-McKeich vs Ireland: Lewis Byrne

6          77,1 kg M     

Oceania: Mitchell Kelly vs Ireland: Jordan Furey

7          83,9kg M       

Oceania: Jonas Grace vs Ireland: Cameron Clements

8          93kg M           

Oceania: Auryn Parmley vs Ireland: Dennis Perry

9          120,2kg M    

Oceania: Larry Adnan vs Ireland: Gustavo Lopez


10        56,7kg F     

Mexico: Violeta Mendoza Corral vs Arab: Radwa Abdelaziz (EGY)

11        61,2kg F     

Mexico: Andrea Gabriela Guzman Salazar vs  Arab: Maha Houimel (TUN)

12        61,2 kg M      

Mexico: Jorge Antonio Lopez Perez vs Arab: Fars Khalid Alraimi

13        65,8 kg M       


Anthony Ramirez Amado vs Arab: Osama Raddad (EGY)

14        70,3kg M       

Mexico: Luis Enrique Gonzalez Martinez vs Arab: Toni Bou Rached

15        77,1 kg M       

Mexico: Israel Salcido Rodriguez vs Arab:Elie Mansour (LEB)

16        83,9kg M      

Mexico: Cruz Emmanuel Garcia Gonzalez vs Arab Aymen Nefzi (Tun)

17        93kg M           

Mexico: Miguel Angel Serna Castro (bye)

18        120,2kg M     

Mexico: Daniel Flores Sartorius vs Arab: Ricardo Bachir (LEB)


19        56,7kg F       

Kazakhstan: Ayan Tursyn (bye)

20        61,2kg F        

Kazakhstan: Antonina Kotlyarevskaya vs Balkan: Sandra Nikolic

21        61,2 kg M      

Kazakhstan: Zhanibek Tynyshtyk vs Balkan: Vojo Katanovic

22        65,8 kg M       

Kazakhstan: Anatoliy Zolotykh vs Balkan: Vojislav Simicic

23        70,3kg M       

Kazakhstan: Neimat Assadov vs Balkan: Danilo Ristic

24        77,1 kg M       

Kazakhstan: Zhaxybek Aimakhanov vs Balkan: Dino Suljkanovic

25        83,9kg M       

Kazakhstan: Vakhid Timerbiyev vs Balkan: Vuk Lekic

26        93kg M        

Kazakhstan: Alik Domnich vs Balkan: Dzevad Baltic

27        120,2kg M      

Kazakhstan: Rassul Khatayev vs Balkan: Miha Frlic


28        56,7kg F      

Bahrain: Aieza Ramos Bertozo vs Tajikistan: Anisa Karimova

29        61,2kg F      

Bahrain: Sabrina Laurentina de Souza vs Tajikistan: Shohona Ghozoeva

30        61,2 kg M     

Bahrain: Abdulla Mubarak vs Tajikistan: Akrom Uzakov

31        65,8 kg M    

Bahrain: Haji Mohamed Ali vs Tajikistan: Bakhtiyor Husainov

32        70,3kg M   

Bahrain: Kurban Idrisov vs Tajikistan: Masud Odinaev

33        77,1 kg M    

Bahrain: Ramazan Gitinov vs Tajikistan: Jovidon Mahmudov

34        83,9kg M     

Bahrain: Sultan Omarov vs Tajikistan: Khalid Tolibzoda

35        93kg    M     

Bahrain: Gadzhi Gadzhiev vs Tajikistan: Abdullokh Nazarov

36        120,2kg M  

Bahrain: Sultan Gapizov vs Tajikistan: Anvar Langarchiev


Time zone: GST / UTC+3

Wednesday 9 March – Quarterfinals 

9:00 hrs: Oceania vs Ireland

12:30 hrs: Mexico vs Arab Champions

16:00 hrs: Kazakhstan vs Balkan Champions

19:30 hrs: Bahrain vs Kazakhstan

Thursday 10 March – Semi-Finals

15:00 hrs:  Semi Finals (1)

18:30 hrs:  Semi Finals (2)

Saturday 12 March – Finals [ * PLEASE NOTE DATE CORRECTION]

14:30 hrs:  Opening Ceremony

15:00 hrs: Loser of Semi-Finals (1) vs Loser of Semi-Finals (2)

18:30 hrs: Finals

Ian O'Neill is the host of the SevereMMA UFC Preview show and one of the co-hosts of The Auld Triangle - Irish MMA podcast. You can find more of Ian's work on the SevereMMA Patreon where he co-hosts The Chasing Pack and The Contender. Follow him on Twitter and on Instagram @ioneillmma

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