The Auld Triangle Irish MMA Podcast: Episode 36 with Paddy Holohan

Welcome to Episode 36 of “The Auld Triangle” Irish MMA podcast, hosted by Ian O’Neill, Caoilte de Barra, and Andy Stevenson.

The Auld Triangle is a show of the people, for the people and by the people. We’ll be diving into all things Irish MMA, whether it be local shows, push for regulation, IMMAF tournaments, fighters abroad and more!

In Episode 36, Irish MMA legend Paddy “The Hooligan” Holohan joins the show ahead of his student Shauna Bannon’s UFC debut in London.

Ian, Caoilte, and Andy discuss Rhys McKee re-signing with the UFC, Andreeas Binder claiming the LFL lightweight title, a clean sweep for Dylan Tuke, Frans Mlambo, and John Mitchell at PFL Berlin and more. They also look ahead to all the upcoming action in Irish MMA.

Andy is a multimedia reporter, interviewer, writer, with a strong focus on Irish MMA. Co-host of The Auld Triangle podcast. Follow Andy on Twitter (@andyste123) and Instagram (@andystevensonMMA).

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