Diego Sanchez to drop back down to Lightweight?

“There’s always a chance of me going back to 155. I have one loss at that weight class,” Sanchez said after his loss to Ellenberger on Wednesday night. “I’m wish-washy whether I’m going to stay at 70 or 55 because it’s real hard for me to stay at 70. I have to be able to lift weights a lot, like I really have to be able to lift weights a lot.

“I’m stuck in between both of the weight classes. It has its ups and downs. At 70 and 55, I have to cut more weight at 55, at 70 I have to lift more weights.”

“I wish it was a 155, 165 and 175 honestly,” Sanchez stated.

UFC president Dana White said he doesn’t care where Diego fights, as long as he does

“The kid’s a stud. He brings it every time. Tell me the last Diego Sanchez fight that sucked. If the kid wants to fight at 55, 45, 25; he can fight wherever he wants to,” White said. “He’s professional. He shows up on weight. Always does the right thing. I love Diego Sanchez.

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