Live fight stats are here to stay according to Dana White

“I told you, a lot of things in production we’re changing when we got into this new deal, and one of them is stats,” he said after UFC on FUEL TV 1, which took place Wednesday at Nebraska’s Omaha Civic Auditorium. “We’ve been giving tons of stats – not only during the fight, but before the fight we give a ton of [stats] too.”

“There’s just so much more to MMA,” White said. “We’re just giving more information.”

“They do it in boxing,” White said. “It’s no different than boxing. But the difference between this and boxing is the amount of strikes (landed) have nothing to do with what goes on in MMA. If that’s swaying your decision, you definitely don’t [expletive] belong here. If they’re turning around (to look at the screens) and then going, ‘OK,’ and writing their score down, they don’t belong here.”

“The punch stats don’t always tell who’s winning the fight,” he said. “We just need guys in there that know exactly what they’re doing and can judge. And let’s be honest – to be kind of fair to them – judging is somewhat subjective into what you think.

“But the bottom line is, you’ve got to go on damage. You’ve got to go on – there’s a lot of different things to score on, and judges should know what it is.”

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