Jason “Mayhem” Miller talks retirement from MMA and “backstage altercation” (with video)

Jason “Mayhem” Miller was on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani earlier today after being cut from the UFC following his loss to C.B. Dolloway at UFC 146 on Saturday

UFC President Dana White had mentioned a “backstage altercation” when announcing that Miller had been released.

Many fans and media had speculated that the “altercation” was between C.B and Jason after the fight but on The MMA Hour Jason Miller said that it occurred before the fight and was in relation to his cage walk, where he wore a gas mask.

Miller had stated before the bout that if he lost he would retire, and he has stayed true to his word but claimed he could return when he “needs the money”

When asked about his knee injury during fight, Mayhem said he didn’t want to make any excuses. When further pressed on the injury and why he didn’t withdraw from the bout, Miller implied that needed the money

The full interview can be found below

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