Marcus Davis “I’m not going to get roped into fighting a fight”

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“I thought I graduated high school over 21 years ago,” Davis said. “I’m not going to get roped into fighting a fight.”

Davis said negotiations never passed beyond the promotion’s initial offer, yet he later received a message that Daley’s camp had accepted the fight and was waiting for permission from Bellator, whom he was scheduled to fight for later this month before visa issues scratched his participation.

Davis informed Cage Contender promoter John Ferguson that another possible booking would pay him six times that amount in his home state and had a contract offer from another promotion that began in June.

Ferguson agreed that negotiations never passed the initial offer, and that Daley outed Davis of his own accord.

“It wasn’t enough money for Marcus, which we understand,” he told “Getting more money elsewhere, of course he’s going to take it. We decided to do the right thing throughout, and that’s why we stayed out of any conversations in the media.”

Davis, however, said the problem didn’t cease with the first offer. He said he chastised Ferguson when he received a call from ex-UFC fighter Frank Trigg, who informed him that the promoter had offered him $5,000 to fight Daley and said he’d agreed to the figure before pulling out of the booking.

“I had offered the fight to Frank by email also and had told him we were also talking to Marcus amongst others,” Ferguson responded via email. “There was never any mention of a fee for Marcus or any other fighter. “All conversations with all parties were in writing (Facebook with Marcus and email with Trigg and his agent) and never verbally, thus meaning I have evidence of all communication.”

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