Ayo Daly announces move from Ryoshin MMA to Team Ryano


Ayo Daly announced in a statement today that he will be moving from Ryoshin MMA to Team Ryano

Here is his statement in full…

“It is with a heavy heart that I write this as I am in a situation I never thought I would be. Anyone that knows me or has trained with me knows I have dropped blood, sweat and tears for Ryoshin MMA Lucan over the last 3 years and especially the last 12 months since I returned home from Canada.

“Any interviews I gave I was always very complimentary of Tony Carrick, the coaches and the whole Ryoshin team, and for good reason. Ryoshin is a fantastic gym with a great family atmosphere from the kids Japanese Ju Jutsu classes to ladies fitness and or course Mixed Martial Arts classes. Over the past 6 to 9 months I had taken up a coaching role at Ryoshin and took great pride in sharing my knowledge and experience with a new breed of fighters. I also was able to travel with Henry “Herculeez” Fadipe as a corner man to Liverpool last year for his Cage Warriors “Fight of the Year” candidate against Danny Roberts and also for his 2 most recent fights at EFC Africa. Without Tony’s help and blessings this wouldn’t have been possible and for that I am forever grateful.

I am currently going through a transitional period in my life, I have just moved back to the Northside due to work and a sick mother who needs my attention; This added with financial constraints has made it difficult for me to travel back and forth to Lucan twice daily to train and coach. After weeks of mulling over the pros and cons of moving gym, I have decided to leave Ryoshin MMA Lucan. I have had a great deal of stress over this decision as I know my leaving will affect some people but at this moment in time I need to do what I feel is best for me and my family. I’m sure there will be speculation and rumours as to why I have left Ryoshin but they are purely for personal reasons. I owe a lot to Tony Carrick, all the coaches and team mates at Ryoshin MMA Lucan for helping hone my skills and giving me the opportunity to do what I love doing every day. I want to extend my gratitude and wish them all the best in the future.

As some of you may know I am currently out injured and had to pull out of 2 separate title fights, March 1st at UXC 2 in Belfast and May 10th at RFC 5, but I hope to fight again in the 2nd half of 2014 as my injury will be cleared up. Once I fight again, I will be doing so out of my new home Team Ryano. I have had a great conversation with Andy Ryan and I respect his professionalism and welcoming me to the club. I have always had an admiration for the guys at Team Ryano and am excited about the training and being tested on a daily basis by some of the best fighters in Ireland. To the fans, I ask for patience, as soon as I am back to full fitness I will be back in the cage putting on exciting performances and finishing fights as I have in the past.” – Ayo Daly

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