Evolution FC II: Full Card and Schedule


Evolution Fighting Championships returns for it’s second event this Friday (30th May) in The Radisson Blu Hotel in Athlone, Ireland and features highly touted SBG prospect Charlie Ward taking on Impetus MMA’s Przemek Chmiel, Sid Allen facing Dermot Kavanagh and in the main event Michael Davern takes on Michal Vojtanic.

Here is the card in full…

Michael Davern (Evolution) vs Michal Vojtanic (Impetus mma) 80 kg

Sid Allen (Evolution/Fusion) vs Dermot Kavanagh (Primal) 77kg

Charlie Ward (SBG) vs Przemek Chmiel (Impetus mma) 84kg

John Mccormack (Evolution) vs Alex Masuku (Impetus mma) 75kg

Zbigniew Hormanski (Fantom) vs Dawid Zurawski (Samurai) 88kg

James Gallagher (SBG) vs Jaroslaw Manaj (Impetus) 66kg

Mark Doyle (Evolution) vs Piotr Zurawski (Samurai) 84kg

Frans Mlambo (SBG) vs Jarek Ślaza (Ura Fight club) 70kg

Colin Meagher (Evolution) vs Klaidas Puisys (Samurai) 80kg

Enda Rigney (Evolution) vs Justin Browne (Fusion) 75kg

Evan Panama (Shootfighters) vs Vilious Bagdonas (Ryano) 73kg


Connor Omalley (SBG) vs Gera Undrul (Ura Fight Club) 80kg

Doors open at 6pm  and the first fight starts at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased from the fighters on the card.

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