Dana White on Rousey vs Cyborg: “We’re not even doing the fight in Dallas”


Late last week “Cyborg” Justino’s close friend and former manager Tito Ortiz told AXStv that the UFC had offered her a bout with Ronda Rousey in Dallas stadium if she could make 135lbs by December but UFC President Dana White told UFC.com today that the organisation will not be doing the potential Ronda Rousey and Cyborg fight at Dallas Cowboy’s stadium in Texas.

“To show you that Tito Ortiz has no idea what he’s talking about, we’re not even doing the fight in Dallas, Texas,” UFC president Dana White told UFC’s ‘The Download

“The fight is going to be in Las Vegas at the MGM. Just to show you that Tito is absolutely talking out of his ass.”

With the Rousey vs Tate III or the potential Rousey vs Cyborg headed for Las Vegas, it now seems increasingly unlikely that the long awaited Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor showdown will end up in the stadium either.

The UFC.com article also says “There’s only one problem – the UFC won’t be in Texas in December.” but that isn’t a quote from the UFC’s president and the quotes from Dana White don’t mention the potential location of the Aldo and McGregor bout.

BleacherReport’s Jeremy Botter tweeted earlier tonight that both the Aldo vs McGregor event and the Ronda Rousey event will take place in the MGM in Las Vegas, with Weidman vs Rockhold serving as the co-main event for Rousey on January 2nd and Werdum vs Velasquez as the co-main for Aldo vs McGregor, although this has not been confirmed at this time.


Dana went on to say that Cyborg will have to make weight and fight before they will “do the fight with Ronda”

“The deal we have with her is that she’ll make the weight and fight at 135,” White said.

“We said to her: ‘What’s going on? Are we going to do this?’

“She was never offered a fight with Ronda anywhere. She has to make the weight, and then fight, and then we know she can do it and we do the fight with Ronda.”

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