UFC 189 drug tests clean; Jose Aldo testing debacle detailed


All UFC 189 fighters that were tested before and after the event have tested clean for all performance enhancing drugs.

The Nevada State Athlete Commission released the test results earlier today. The results show that Conor McGregor, Chad Mendes, Robbie Lawler, Rory MacDonald, Jeremy Stephens, Dennis Bermudez were all tested via urine and blood samples clean for steroids, HGH and passed the blood passport.

The rest of the fighters on the card were tested via urine samples only and all passed.

The paperwork released by the NSAC also included a letter that Drug Free Sport’s COO Chris Guinty sent to NSAC Executive Director Bob Bennett detailing the debacle that ensued when Drug Free Sport’s Director of Professional Sports Drug Testing Ben Mosier attempted to randomly test UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo ahead of UFC 189.


Nevada State Athlete Commission’s Executive Director Bob Bennett requested Drug Free Sports to conduct a random performance enhancing drug test regarding Mr. Aldo. The test was requested based on Mr. Aldo’s scheduled championship fight with Mr. Conor McGregor.

The report memorializes the information provided by Mr. Ben Mosier, Drug Free Sport Director of Professional Sports Drug Testing.

TO: Bob Bennett

FROM: Chris Guinty
DATE: June 12, 2015
RE: José Aldo Collection – Brazil

Mr. Bennett,
Per our conversation June 11, 2015, below is a report regarding the attempted collection of a urine
sample for José Aldo at Upper Gym, Rua Marques de Abrantes 96, Flamengo, Rio di Janeiro, Brazil.

1. Drug Free Sport was engaged by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) to perform an
out of competition doping collection in Brazil for José Aldo.

2. Two options were presented to the NSAC regarding Drug Free Sport’s ability to conduct a urine
collection in Brazil: (1) utilize a local DCO that is a contractor for a partner of Drug Free Sport, or
(2) use a Drug Free Sport staff member who has a Brazilian work visa to travel to Brazil and
complete the collection in conjunction with a local doping control officer (DCO) that could help
legally ship samples out of Brazil.

3. For quality purposes, the NSAC authorized the use of a Drug Free Sport staff member in
conjunction with a local DCO.

4. Drug Free Sport staff member Ben Mosier, Director of Professional Sports Drug Testing, was
assigned to arrange and complete the test. Ben Mosier, a professionally trained and certified
drug testing collector, had previously conducted thousands of drug testing collections across
numerous countries without incident or appeal.

5. Ben Mosier has a current work visa issued by the Brazilian consulate in Chicago, Illinois in 2012
to conduct business in Brazil.  The application letter dated June 18, 2012, indicated that
“Benjamin is a professional sports program manager for the National Center for Drug Free Sport,
a company that provides drug testing services for Minor League Baseball, as well as many other
professional sports associations.” The letter further details that Benjamin would be meeting
with players to “complete a drug test …. after the drug tests have been completed, Benjamin
will ship the urine samples back to the United States for analysis. All shipping will be done with
assistance from the Brazilian Agency of Anti Doping (ABA) in order to be in full compliance of
Brazilian shipping procedures.” Ben was issued a ten year VITEM II visa based on this application
and relied on its authenticity to travel to Brazil to test José Aldo. It appears now that a VITEM V
visa is required for such services.

6. Prior to departure for the José Aldo test, Ben Mosier contacted a high ranking anti‐doping
official in Brazil for counsel regarding collecting and shipping samples under applicable laws in
Brazil. This internationally regarded expert on anti‐doping, with years of experience in Brazilian
anti‐doping, arranged to have a local DCO accompany Ben Mosier to ensure all procedures were
carried out in accordance with Brazilian rules and regulations. Names of local officials are
withheld from this report to avoid any potential retribution or future conflicts of interest.

7. Ben Mosier arrived in Brazil on June 10, 2015 at approximately 10:00 am.

8. On June 10 at approximately 2:00 pm, Ben Mosier attempted to contact José Aldo at the
number provided by the NSAC, to conduct a no notice test on Mr. Aldo per approved protocol
by the NSAC. The Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission was not contacted in advance of this
testing attempt, as best practice requires no outside communication of testing attempt to third
parties to protect the confidentiality of the testing event. José Aldo’s phone was unanswered
and no voicemail system was available, a text message was sent following the call. Ben Mosier
then called the alternate contact provided by the NSAC, leaving a voicemail and sending a text
message to José Aldo’s manager, Andre Poderneiras. Mr. Poderneiras called Ben Mosier back
within a few minutes and stated he would attempt to locate José Aldo to arrange test. Mr.
Poderneiras was unable to contact José Aldo to arrange testing the evening of June 10 and
advised Aldo would be at the training facility the following morning at 10:30 am and test could
be conducted at that time.

9. With coordination from José Aldo’s manager Andre Poderneiras, Ben Mosier arrived at Upper
Gym at approximately 9:30 am on June 11 to complete the sample collection.

10. José Aldo arrived to the gym at approximately 10:30 am on June 11 and an anti‐doping test was

11. José Aldo was reportedly very cooperative during the process.

12. After the urine sample was collected, but prior to processing the sample for shipment, José
Aldo’s trainer stopped the collection until Mr. Poderneiras arrived. Mr. Poderneiras arrived to
the gym at approximately 11:30 am. Mr. Poderneiras proceeded to contact the Brazilian MMA
Athletic Commission to inform them of the test.

13. Just after 11:30 am, an off‐duty Brazilian federal police officer who was on‐site training as a
MMA fighter confiscated Ben Mosier’s passport and claimed he had an incorrect work visa. The
officer said he was authorized to conduct business, but not collect urine samples (see comment
above about the visa application). The federal police officer threatened to arrest and deport Ben
Mosier for unauthorized performance of work.

14. While detaining Ben Mosier at the training facility, the federal police officer relayed a story of
being detained in the United States when returning to Brazil following a previous fight. The
officer claimed to Ben Mosier that he was detained by law enforcement officials for 24 hours
and was treated poorly, noting that he was treating Ben Mosier in a more pleasant manner. The
officer made it a point to advise that this detainment was not revenge for his past detainment,
and he had the right to transport Ben to a local detention facility for processing.

15. A representative from the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission, Christiano Sampaio, arrived at
the facility and halted the test. Mr. Sampaio spoke with Chris Guinty at Drug Free Sport to
arrange for a Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission DCO to travel to the gym on June 12 to
complete the test while Ben Mosier monitored.

16. The local Brazilian DCO that was assigned to assist Ben Mosier and Drug Free Sport arrived on
site to help with the situation and indicated to Ben Mosier that he had done nothing wrong and
was authorized to conduct the test. The local DCO argued with Christiano Sampaio and the
federal authorities involved on their authority to complete the test as a Brazilian resident and
nationally certified DCO, however Sampio refused to let the local DCO (or Ben Mosier) proceed
with any testing despite their employment as a local doping control officer. It was reported only
a Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission DCO would be allowed to collect the sample.

17. Ben Mosier instructed José Aldo to discard the collected sample because both Ben and José lost
control of the sample when Ben was escorted to a holding room.

18. Ben Mosier spoke with various parties (Drug Free Sport, UFC local representatives, NSAC, etc.)
to report on the situation and obtain direction.

19. Ben Mosier reported at 1:39 pm CDT to Chris Guinty that immigration control had been
dispatched to his location to escort him out of the country. Ben Mosier continued to explain to
present authorities that he had a valid work visa issued in 2012 (expiring 2022) from the
Brazilian consulate in Chicago. The federal police officer continued threatening him with arrest
and confiscation of his phone, and refused Ben access to his computer to demonstrate proof of
his work related documents from the Brazilian consulate. Ben was told he will not be allowed to
remain in Brazil for the test that is to occur with the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission DCO on
June 12. Brazilian immigration officials reported to the training facility and reviewed his
paperwork and deemed he was allowed him to stay in the country and participate in the
collection the following day. The immigration official advised if Ben returned to the country in
the future he would need to pay an administrative fee to rectify his visa issue.

20. Following resolution with immigration officials, collection was scheduled to occur on June 12 at
the training facility with José Aldo and the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission DCO between
8:30 – 9:00 am local time, under the supervision of Ben Mosier.

21. Ben Mosier arrived to the training facility on June 12 at 7:30 am. José Aldo did not arrive to the
training facility for collection as scheduled, and it was reported that he was at the US Embassy
obtaining his US Visa to travel for his upcoming fight. José Aldo was not able to be contacted
during his absence from the training facility.

22. At 8:54 am CDT on June 12, Chris Guinty spoke with Christiano Sampaio about the importance of
Aldo taking the test immediately, due to length of time that had elapsed from testing
notification. Christiano Sampio advised at that time his deadline for shipping would be 12:00 pm
local time to ensure the sample was transported via courier to the airport for flight to the United
States. During continued wait for José Aldo to arrive to the training facility to commence
collection process, Christiano Sampio later changed this shipping cutoff time to 2:00 pm local
time, with no explanation provided as to why later time was now possible.

23. At approximately 11:40 am local time, José Aldo arrived to the training facility and the test
attempt was initiated. José Aldo provided a urine specimen at approximately 11:49 am in the
restroom, upon closing the beaker lid he dropped the collection beaker and spilled the sample in
its entirety. José Aldo successfully provided an adequate volume specimen at 12:29 pm which
was packaged by the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission DCO without taking any adequacy
measurements. At approximately 12:45 pm Ben Mosier and Christiano Sampio transported the
specimen via taxi to the airport and consigned the specimen to World Courier for shipment to
laboratory at 1:40 pm.

24. Upon completion of the testing event, the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission DCO requested
an autograph from José Aldo in a magazine he had brought to the collection event and to take a
picture with José Aldo; both requests were granted

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