Cage Ring Championship 3 – Results

Cage Ring Championship 3 took place last Sunday evening 11th December 2016 at The Airside Arena in Swords, Dublin.

The card featured MMA, K-1 rules kickboxing bouts and ADCC rules grappling bouts.

Here are all the results:
20) 100kg+Pro K-1 HW Title  3×3
Lukasz Parobiec (MASAC GYM England) defeated Daragh Kennedy (Kokoro Gym) via unanimous decision
19) 78kg  Pro K-1 Title 3×3
Damian Darker (ELITE KB) defeated  Daniel Kolasiński (Palestra Warszawa) via Split decisions
18) 86kg Pro ADCC Super Fight  1×10
Cathal Pendred (SBGi) defeated Sebastian Kozok (Ferociyt MMA & Fitness Centre) via Points
17) 75kg Pro K-1  3×3
Jerzy “JURAS” Wroński (Palestra Warszawa) defeated  Gergo Bodis (Ryoshin Team) via unanimous decision
16)  Kick-BOXING 3×3
Jeanderson Castro defeated  Dawid Wogan Jr.(Fantom Team) via unanimous decision
K-1 & Submission fight card
15) 66kg K-1 AM Title Fight  3x2min
Salomon King Simon (Compound Martial Arst/ Team Ryano) defeated Andrei Jentimir (Naas Kickboxing) after extra rd 4
14) 75kg K-1 AM Title Fight  3x2min
David Ola (Compound Martial Arst/ Team Ryano) defeated  Martin McDonnell (Fantom Team)  after extra rd 4
13) 85kg ADCC Submission Fight Only 1x5min
Konrad Iwanowski (Fantom Team) vs Leandro Messias (Arena Fight Fitness) – Draw
12) 82kg ADCC Submission Fight Only 1x5min
Ian Coughlan (JS/BJJ) defeated Adrian Elbert (Husaria Team) via armbar
11) 80kg ADCC Submission Fight Only 1x5min
Ramunas Venslovas(NUIM MMA) vs  Rafał Pietka (Berserkers Team) – Draw
10) 55kg K-1 AM Fight  3x2min
Andreea Zamfir (309 Malaj MT) defeated Julia Górka (Fantom) via unanimous decision
9) 78kg K-1 AM Fight  3x2min
Colin O’Neill (Compound Martial Arst/ Team Ryano) defeated Sean Murtagh (Relentless Muay Thai/K1) via unanimous decision
8) 68kg K-1 AM Fight  3x2min
Paddy Kane (Fantom Team) defeated Gerry McCormick (SBGi) via unanimous decision
7) MMA LHW Fight  3x3min
 Mikolaj Ziolko (Shaolin MMA & FightMan Team) defeated Cathal Manning (Point blank Submission) via armbar rd 1
6) MMA Lightweight Fight  3x3min
Paweł Polityło (Fantom Team) defeated Ronan Manning (Muskerry Judo/Sambo) via  TKO- Doctor stoppage / injury
5) MMA Middleweight Fight  3x3min
Tadhg Linnane (Shaolin MMA)  defeated Tomek Ostrowski (Malahide MMA) via  TKO- Doctor stoppage / injury
4) MMA Lightweight Fight  3x3min
Nikolay Grozdev (SBGi) defeated Szczepan Ziółkowski ( Nenagh Warrior) via  KO rd 1
3) MMA Lightweight Fight  3x3min
Szymon Kozak (Fantom Team) defeated  Padraig Hannon (Shaolin MMA)  via KO rd 1
2) MMA Welterweight Fight  3x3min
Jack Hamill  (SBGi) defeated  Michael Pendregast (SPIRYT MMA) via RNC rd 2
1) MMA Bantamweight Fight  3x3min
Krystian Feist (Ferocity MMA & Fitness Centre) defeated Karl McConway (Shaolin MMA) via armbar rd 1
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