KSW 59 Results

KSW put on another fantastic night of fights in Łódź, Poland. The card suffered a blow 2 hours before going live with main eventer Bombardier being taken to hospital with appendicitis, forcing the promoters to seek a last minute opponent. The main event would become Mariusz Pudzianowski versus Nikola Milanović.

Patryk Likus def Cyprian Wieczorek via Unanimous Decision

Back and forth contest between two new pros. Very even on the feet and on the ground, Likus scored the most impactful blows.

Sebastian Rajewski def Savo Lazic via Unanimous Decision

Rajewski put on a masterclass in this one. Superb footwork, great head movement and outsrook Lazic with ease. Worked the head and the body beautifully.

Adrian Bartosiński def Lionel Padilla via KO/TKO (3rd Round ground and pound)

Bartosiński had the better of the grappling in the first, the bell saved Padilla from a guillotine. Padilla had the best of round 2 with a takedown and nearly hooked in a rear naked choke. Fight decided in the third round where Padilla made a mistake. He went for a spinning attack, slipped and Bartosiński used it to take the back, flatten him out and finish with ground and pound.


Łukasz Rajewski def Konrad Dyrschka via Unanimous Decision

Like his brother earlier in the night, Rajewski put on a striking masterclass. Dyrschka showed flashes of his potential however didn’t show enough urgency. Raju’s movement and striking were too much for him.

Darko Stosic def Michał Włodarek via KO/TKO (2nd Round ground and pound)

Stosic landed 3 big takedowns in the first. Started landing big in the standup in round two. Fight ended with Włodarek on his back by the cage and Stosic knocking him out with a couple of big shots.


Michał Pietrzak def Krystian Kaszubowski via Split Decision

First two rounds were very tentative and close. Not a lot of output and came down to a couple of shots. Round 3 was a clear Pietrzak round. He got a takedown and dominated from there.

Damian Janikowski def Jason Radcliffe via KO/TKO (2nd Round ground and pound)

This was Damian Janikowski 2.0. Used the leg kicks very well early on and showcased some beautiful striking. Half landed a big suplex in the second, then used his wrestling to get Radcliffe down by the fence and finished with ground and pound.

Sebastian Przybysz def Antun Racic (c) via Split Decision

Sebastian Przybysz won the KSW Bantamweight Championship after a five round classic. The two fighters were going hell for leather from the start, most rounds being incredibly close. The third round was the round of the year with Przybysz wobbling Racic, only to be dropped himself seconds later. This was a total war and a must see.

Mariusz Pudzianowski def Nikola Milanovic via KO/TKO (1st Round ground and pound)

Milanovic failed a takedown by the cage and landed on all fours where Pudzianowski finished easily with ground and pound. Original opponent Bombardier pulled out 2hrs prior to the event starting.

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