KSW 60 Results

KSW’s 60th numbered gala was one to remember. They once again revamped Klub Wytwornia into a stunning MMA arena. The promotion’s production value is second to none. KSW 61 will take place in Gdańsk in Northern Poland in June, offering the crew a new canvas to work with. Inside the cage, the players didn’t disappoint. It was a cracking night of fights.

Jakub Wikłacz def Patryk Surdyn via Unanimous Decision

Wikłacz’s BJJ was a real problem for Surdyn in this one. In the first round, he almost locked in a head and arm choke. He landed some big elbows that split Surdyn open. In the third, Surdyn made a drastic mistake by trying to take Wikłacz down, giving Wikłacz the chance to reign down big shots. Big win for Jakub Wikłacz.

Ion Surdu def Kacper Koziorzębski via KO (1st Round Head Kick)

This fight ended early as Surdu put Koziorzębski to sleep with a fantastic head kick early in the first. He can expect a nice bonus cheque in the mail. 


Karolina Wójcik def Aleksandra Rola via Unanimous Decision

Wójcik secured the centre early and made sure she kept it. She was the front running fighter landing the most impactful blows through two. Rola won the third after an ill conceived takedown from Wójcik, allowing Rola to take the back. Wójcik wins 29-28 on the scorecards.

Vojto Barborík def Krzysztof Klaczek via Submission (Round 2 Rear Naked Choke)

Round one was a scramblefest, a real treat for grappling aficionados. In round two, Klaczek got caught in a scramble with Barborík sinking in a rear naked choke for the submission win.

Aleksandar Ilić def Adrian Dudek via KO/TKO (Round 1 Head Kick and Punches)

Ilić came out early with savage body kicks and had his way on the feet throughout. The finish came when he threw a head kick that was half blocked, followed by a combination of head kick and short left punch which knocked Dudek on his backside. Ilić ended it with a couple of blows.

Patryk Kaczmarczyk def Michał Sobiech via Unanimous Decision

Patryk Kaczmarczyk used every ounce of energy in this one. He won the first round after scoring a beautiful foot trip. He was doing well until a late scare in round 2 where he got stuck in a rear naked choke, however he was saved by the bell. In the third he smashed Sobiech with body blows and almost got the finish, but Sobiech came back and finished strong, including almost securing a knee bar. Very close fight. Both men have bright futures on front of them.

Marek Samociuk def Izu Ugonoh via KO/TKO (2nd Round Ground and Pound)

Izu had it all his own way in the first round. Stopped the obvious takedown and rocked Samociuk. He threw the kitchen sink at him. Unfortunately as a result, Izu ran out of gas. He never left his corner for the start of the second, Samociuk walked over to the red corner, took Izu down, got into mount and finished via ground and pound.

Marian Ziółkowski def Maciej Kazieczko via Submission (Round 2 Rear Naked Choke)

Ziółkowski was totally in control and put on a striking masterclass. He dropped Kazieczko in the second and landed some huge ground and pound. From there, he took his back and won it with a rear naked choke. His skill level has come on leaps and bounds since the Gamrot loss. He has really grown into a genuine champion in his own right. He has the ability to keep this belt for a while yet.

Phil De Fries def Tomasz Narkun via KO/TKO (Round 2 Ground and Pound)

Size played a huge part here, with the champ having a 40lb weight advantage. De Fries was dominant in the clinch and wrestling exchanges. Phil took Narkun down easily and was able to end it with ground and pound in the second. That was his fifth title defence. He deserves a big fight next and I would personally like to see him fight Josh Barnett.

Seán Denny is a Dublin man who writes mostly on the European scene, with a keen interest in the Irish, UK and Polish scenes in particular. Follow me on Twitter at @DennyRants.

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