Ranking UFC Fighters: The Top Five on Our List

MMA is relatively new in the world of sport. The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) wasn’t founded before 1993. Before this year, there were only a couple of cross-combat fights, most from the western world. At present, we may safely say that MMA is one of the biggest world brands where you can find exquisite talents from different corners of the Earth. 

Alongside the growth of the MMA brand, people got interested in betting on their favorite players, which contributed to an astounding expansion of the MMA betting world. The gambling and betting community is now more than a fashion trend, and people deposit real money to bet on their favorite players and gamble in the best first deposit bonus casino NZ, for example.

In the remainder of the text, we’ll present you with a list of the top five UFC fighters we decided to include in our ranking, which may help you get a better insight into what an excellent MMA fighter should have, so that, maybe, you can indulge into sports betting one day. 

The top five UFC fighters on our ranking list 

So, let’s delve into it. Here’s our list of the top five ranked UFC fighters: 

Jon “Bones” Jones 

Jon Jones may not have had the smoothest career in the world of UFC, but he’s undoubtedly had the best. He did have some issues with USADA and was flagged for violating anti-doping in his fight with Daniel Cormier. Still, if we look at his achievement, he deserves to be on the very top of our list without any reconsiderations. 

Georges “Rush” St. Pierre 

Georges did lose twice when fighting Matt Hughes, who had forty matches under his belt, and once when fighting Matt Serra, which we remember as the biggest MMA upset. But we see how great Pierre is because he avenged both losses and deserves to take second place on our list.

Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov 

Khabib doesn’t have a single blemish on his record. He showed great mastery in each of his wins, and until the day he retired at UFC 254, he remained one of the best “all-time” UFC fighters. We rank him as number three.

Anderson Silva 

When he was 31 years old, Silva started competing and has won 16 fights and 14 finishes, which led to him getting an award three times. The awards are “Fight of the Night,” “Submission of the Night,” and “Knockout of the Night.” we rank him as number four. 

Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes

Women started competing in MMA later than men. We rank Amanda Nunes as our number five, as she trailblazer her way to the MMA top in women’s featherweight and bantamweight divisions. She won against some of the biggest sports names and deserved a spot on our list. 

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