Boxing Or MMA: Which One Is Better?

It has been a long-running discussion in boxing and MMA. Considering what we’ve seen, it appears that the force won’t ever decrease.

In spite of the way that these are both battle sports, their plans of action and tasks are totally one of a kind. Both these games have acquired ubiquity in this day and age.

As far as development, MMA is the world’s quickest developing game. Also, it has been quickly expanding throughout the course of recent years. MMA is India’s and the world’s quickest developing game and one of the few that offers a full-fledged career. Viewership and interest in India are enormous. Indians enjoy a good brawl. 

Due to its widespread popularity, people who are new to martial arts may feel puzzled about which sport to pursue. Taking that into account, in this article, we will examine the two combat styles and determine which is best.

1. Safety

When it comes to combat, MMA has been argued to be a dangerous art form at times.

Since 2001, MMA has been heavily regulated as a precautionary measure. Fights are called off at the referee’s discretion to ensure that the fighters are not injured.

Boxing has long been regarded as a more regulated sport with well-known athletes. Many fans, understandably, expect the fights to be safer. But here’s where it gets interesting.

Boxing referees allow fighters to continue if they can get to their feet in less than 10 seconds.

2. Number of fights a year

Another criterion for judging Boxing and MMA is the number of fights the fighters have in a year.

Some of the best UFC fighters of all time compete up to three times per year. A fighter who is very active in Mixed Martial Arts may even enter the fourth fight. This is a rare occurrence, and fights are limited to three. Despite almost weekly events throughout the year, an average MMA fighter fights this many times.

This is quite different from the boxing scene. Once they have achieved notoriety and fame, the best boxers of all time rarely fight more than three times per year.

Boxing’s lower-profile fighters typically fight once every two months. Boxers who want to make a name for themselves may fight as frequently as every 45 days in a year.

3. Purse

In comparison to boxers, how much do MMA fighters make?

Knowing which fighter makes the most money is another hotly debated topic.

Fighters in mixed martial arts (MMA) make a lot of money per match.

However, this is not true of all boxers. Although not every boxing match results in a multimillion-dollar payday, there are a few that do.

As a result, boxers are frequently underpaid. The pay for the world’s best fighters exceeds that of athletes in any other sport.

Less prominent boxers still make at least as much as MMA fighters.

4. Types of cards

Boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) cards are very different.

Boxing cards are typically very top-heavy, resulting in an overreliance on the top two fights.

Sometimes the entire card is built around a single fight. Boxing matches are also less common than MMA matches.

This is not the same as MMA.

Good fights are spread throughout an MMA card. The fights are never just thrown together for the sake of it, whether they are on the Preliminary Card or the Main Card. 

5. Fighting Style

When it comes to the types of fights, MMA is far more entertaining than boxing. A typical boxing match is also much longer, with the two men jabbing at each other the entire time.

MMA’s action intensity far surpasses that of boxing.

As if that weren’t enough, MMA incorporates a variety of different fighting styles. There is a fusion of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and other forms of Martial Arts with boxing, making it a melting pot of Global Fight Culture.

Following people to the ground while enforcing safety regulations ensures that fights are both safe and entertaining. Referees are on hand to stop a fight if it becomes too dangerous for one of the fighters.

The rounds in MMA are short, allowing fighters to accomplish more in less time, resulting in true endurance and combat abilities tests.


India is emerging as the stage for MMA’s latest expansion, thanks to its booming economy and long history of combat sports. International MMA promoters are also vying for a piece of the Indian market. Along with its popularity, these combat sports are some of the most wagered on too. 

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