Is MMA Fight Roulette a Concept that Could Take Off?

Fighters in the UFC have famously had to rely on the matchmaking powers that be to tell them who they are up against in their next bout. The industry is known for not tolerating ducking, and MMA athletes have always had to take on the people they have been paired up with, no matter what.

This is still an optimal way to organize fights in the UFC, and it’s one that doesn’t really need to change. However, a new format could be added to mix things up. Boxers have often had the power to pick and choose their opponents, while UFC fighters haven’t. Perhaps introducing a roulette-style concept where fighters spin a wheel to find their next match-up could be a thrilling compromise. It would give contenders the chance to put destiny in their own hands.  

Why Roulette Integration Could Work Well in the UFC

The UFC has gone from strength to strength over the last decade by cleverly following common trends in the mainstream and attracting fans through a range of channels. It seems strange, therefore, that it hasn’t yet worked out a way to appeal to the booming online casino crowd. The industry is one of the internet’s greatest success stories, and the range of games on offer allures a broad demographic.

Despite its constant evolution and progression, the online casino sector has managed to keep many classics alive by adapting them to new technology. Roulette has always been one of the most famous casino games and it continues to maintain its strong reputation thanks to modern titles. For example, when you play roulette online nowadays, there are plenty of live-streaming options to choose from like Immersive Roulette and Speed Roulette. These put players in touch with real-world dealers, making them feel as if they are sitting in a casino.

How Could Roulette be Integrated with UFC?

From looking at modern online casinos, roulette is still one of the biggest draws for players. That suggests that it could be an excellent addition to the UFC. Roulette has inspired various spinning wheel games in popular culture such as Wheel of Fortune, and it’s obvious that viewers love to see its randomness. Now, imagine that concept combined with deciding who fights who in the UFC. That could be an intriguing way to allure more fans to watch the events.

For this to be put into practice, it would probably have to take the shape of a fighter winning a match and then instantly being presented with a lucky roulette-style wheel. It would be adorned with the faces of all the other potential opponents they could come up against. All they have to do is spin the wheel to see who the next bout is against.

UFC matchmaking may need a refresher soon and a turn to trends in other areas of popular culture could provide the solution. Roulette has endured in the mainstream for centuries, so using it as inspiration for deciding on UFC fights could be a winning formula.

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